Forklift Solutions supply a wide range of used, reconditioned and refurbished forklift that are available for immediate purchase. Whether you are looking to upgrade your equipment or are building a new business, Forklift Solutions guarantees we will have the right equipment for your needs.

Our forklift sales include a wide variety of brands and options, including a complete brand of internal combustion trucks. If you would like to save by investing in a used forklift we have plenty of options that our team has personally refurbished–to guarantee the highest quality product possible.

When you visit Forklift Solutions to invest in a refurbished lift truck we work to make the process as easy as possible.

Because Forklift Solutions is a premium reach truck supplier, we guarantee the highest quality equipment condition and stand by all the handling equipment that we provide.

We have a full range of trucks and models available for purchase.

If you are ready to make an investment you can contact us directly at (323) 863 2939 to know more about the kind of products that will suit your requirements.

Our Inventory