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How to choose a right type of forklift you need?

How to choose a right type of forklift

You will need specialized insight in deciding where to buy a forklift that meets your budget and is the most productive for a job.

In deciding on a forklift to choose, there are several factors to consider apart from the power source and its size. In assessing the long-term cost impact of your choice, you will also need to consider the load the machine can handle and how high it can lift it, safety during load manipulation in sensitive areas, and whether buying new or second hand fork trucks or renting a forklift is best for you.



The intended application and your site’s specifics are one of the most important factors in determining the right forklift. You will need to consider:

  • the work environment i.e. whether it will work indoors or outdoors,
  • the terrain – whether it will operate on rough terrain or smooth floors
  • the lift heights
  • materials or products involved
  • time frame for use


Like with any endeavour, it is very important that the right equipment is purchased for proper application. There are thousands of forklift models to choose from with select manufacturers and in today’s market you could easily find a Toyota forklift for sale or some other well-known brands.

It usually is a daunting task when you first start out, however , you’ll be able to choose the forklift that’s right for the job after you narrow you’re your choices based on your application’s needs.


Technological Advancements in Forklift Designs

The innovations in technology and the advancements in ergonomic designs could make a whole lot of difference in the operators’ time even at the slightest modification and could make a difference in cost-effectiveness and the operator’s productivity.

You can search online for new and used forklifts for sale that will suit the needs of your business, however, it would be best that you consult a reliable sales or rental forklift dealer.


The advantages of choosing the right forklift for your business cannot be overemphasized. To an extent it is a determinant of operations cost, stock management, employee morale, and productivity.

Forklifts come in different shapes and sizes and they are designed for specific jobs.

Most people don’t realize how complicated buying a forklift can be until they attempt to do so. The wrong equipment could be purchased if you fail to conduct proper research and understand the options required for your needs.

The process can be time-consuming, but this forklift purchasing guide gives you details of what to be aware of when choosing the forklift that suits your needs.



The primary criteria for selecting the forklift that’s right for you include the load capacity, its lift height, fuel type, what the tire is made of, and the ergonomic effects on its operator.


  1. Load Capacity – The Load Size

As a business, can you project current and future load size you will be transporting? You need to acquire a forklift that is able to carry loads of all kinds on your site. This doesn’t mean that you need one forklift with a bigger capacity than necessary.

Whether you are buying forklifts from a dealer than sells new forklifts or shopping in one has used and refurbished forklifts for sale, bear in mind that the forklifts capacity determines its cost. Higher capacity forklifts are more expensive. Here are a few things to consider also:

  • You also need to consider the load’s width.
  • Will you need a special type of attachment or machine for your load?
  • Remember also that the type of forklift and fuel type are also subject to the loading capacity of the forklift.

You will find all sorts of forklifts for sale and they are as good as they come. There are standard forklifts, motorized pallet trucks, electric powered, and gas powered trucks. You still have to decide if you should settle for a second hand forklift or buy a refurbished forklift.


  1. Height to Lift the Load

You need to also consider your storage space. There are units that reach above 20 feet but the average forklift lifts to a height of about 8 feet and over.

  • Do you need a forklift that can reach high up if you need to stack items at a great height?
  • How about fitting the forklift into a shipping container? You’ll need to find one with a small mast for this.

Be sure to take into consideration the doorway or lowest beam your forklift needs to fit under.


  1. Outdoors or Indoors Operations or Both?

The surface area of your work location will also determine the choice of forklift. If you work indoors and the floor is flat and dry, then the perfect machine for you is the reach forklift.

You can use standard forklifts in indoor and outdoor locations and they also function well on smooth and rough surfaces. However, if you need to work on unstable surfaces, and all-terrain forklift is more suitable.

Tire Selection

Keep in mind that indoor forklifts aren’t usually designed for wet weather as they don’t come with tread pattern tires for maintaining grip. The safety and handling of your forklift is impacted by the kind of tyres you choose to use.


Fuel type

There are two fuel options for forklifts: electric and internal combustion.

You have to consider fuel options when acquiring a forklift for indoor use. It is not suitable for Forklift engines that use diesel or petrol to be used indoors as they release poisonous fumes.

However, the electric forklift’s emission is zero and the cost of fuelling is also an important factor. The cost per hour for an electric forklift truck as compared to an internal combustion model even if you decide to buy a used electric forklift is significant.


  1. Work Hours per Day?

Your work hours per day will be a deciding factor in you choosing a fuel type and whether you buy a new or refurbished forklift. If you go into a shop that has on display new and used forklifts for sale you can get a bit confused.

However, if you will be using your forklift for just about four hours a day, your best options would be a second hand reconditioned forklift. A new or leased forklift would be the best choice if you will exceed four hours of use a day.


  1. Buy or Lease, New or Used Forklift Truck

The best option for your business will be determined by your budget and how your forklift will be used on site. Sometimes the brand name also has a huge impact on what to expect from a forklift. Companies like Toyota can still be trusted as their used Toyota forklifts are produced according to Toyota Production System (TPS) principles.

If you aren’t going to use your machine every day – and you only get to use it for just about two hours or less – then a quality used Toyota forklift machine is the best economical option.

However, a new or leased forklift will best suit your business if you intend to use it every day and longer than 4 hours each time you do.


Obviously, a few factors need to be considered in order to choose a forklift that is perfect for your business. You need to thoroughly understand what your needs are when it comes to selecting the right forklift for the work environment.


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