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Why have a maintenance agreement?

Forklift Maintenance Service Agreement Los Angeles CA

Why have a maintenance agreement?

Should You Buy A Forklift Maintenance Service Agreement?

Congratulations, on your recent purchase of a new or used forklift truck. Has anyone talked to you about investing in a forklift preventative maintenance service agreement? Are you still having problems deciding on this?

It doesn’t matter if you have acquired one truck or purchased a fleet of new or used trucks, having a maintenance agreement will allow you more time to focus on growing your business instead of worrying about the productivity of your forklift truck.

Standard Procedure

As you use your forklift truck, you will come to find that the conditions for each truck’s performance is unique to it and therefore requires a customized program to meet its specific maintenance needs.

It is standard procedure to begin a Forklift Maintenance Service Agreement program by visiting the site for an inspection to make sure that the fleet meets the customer’s specific needs.

You want to be sure that there is adequate insurance against costly repairs and major defects just as you would if you were to buy a home, a major utility equipment or a vehicle. This requirement should be no different when it comes to your forklift truck.

Forklift Hazard – Improperly Serviced Fork Trucks

If preventative maintenance isn’t taken seriously, the forklift truck can become a hazard to the lift truck operator and personnel in the environment where the truck operates.

A Set Schedule Will Help With Planned Maintenance

Because material handling requires heavy lifting and sometimes working in very rough terrain, forklift trucks were designed to withstand rigorous use. However, your forklift’s parts wear out over time and will require servicing or replacement.

Lift truck manufacturers have detailed engineering analysis that enables them to determine the lifetime of the machine’s parts. This is why scheduled maintenance plans were designed for forklifts parts to handle components that may need servicing or replacement they fail.

A good maintenance agreement plan should have designed an inspection plan that enables it to identify issues or components that are likely to become a major concern in the future. Such repairs or service carried out will eliminate downtime during operational hours if they are scheduled properly.

Maintenance Records Are Kept Properly

Working with a maintenance agreement means that detailed records are kept for the maintenance carried out on your forklift truck. Details you will find in the documentation regarding your fork truck’s maintenance includes the performed service work, hours of operation of the lift truck, and the repair or service cost. Having this information helps in defining the total cost of ownership and helps a business decide if it should purchase it as a used truck or lease it.

Here are some reasons why a maintenance agreement is needed:

  • Unbudgeted repair costs are reduced
  • This means that there are monthly payments that can be accounted for
  • Having a truck staff full time in no longer required
  • Your core business can have such resources rechannelled into it
  • Administrative costs and unnecessary paperwork is reduced
  • Parts inventory is eliminated.

Reduce Expense and Eliminate Costly Downtime

Sometimes when businesses buy a brand new forklift they tend to opt out of purchasing a forklift maintenance service agreement. If you choose to do this, the consequences could be dangerous, detrimental to your business and far-reaching than you can imagine even all the more so when you buy used forklift trucks.

Here are reasons why this is dangerous for your business.

  • The cost of repairs you incur could be enormous
  • Thousands of dollars in downtime could potentially be lost during the truck’s non-operational period.

As with any serious business that understands what time means, if a fork truck is not operational it means that freight shipment isn’t taking place because trucks are not being loaded.

You can significantly reduce the expenses for repairs if your fork trucks are properly maintained. This means fixing the problem before it becomes a major repair issue.

A good service company will offer a variety of preventive maintenance service agreements to help you keep your forklift trucks working efficiently and safely.

For a number of service providers, all you need to get started is to simply fill out a “request for service” and a service representative will compile a service agreement that suits your needs.

A proper and custom Maintenance Agreement Program is usually a comprehensive service coverage plan that you can get from a standard service shop. This Full Maintenance program usually includes service coverage and parts from fork up to counterweight.

Here are other advantages that a business can benefit from by using Forklift Maintenance Service Agreement:

  • Issues with environmental waste are eliminated issues
  • Productivity and utilization are increased
  • the liability of maintenance shifts to the maintenance company and its dealer organization
  • You enjoy top quality and recommended periodic maintenance
  • You can focus on your core business and have the maintenance company handle forklift business

In conclusion, a maintenance service agreement for a new or used forklift truck could mean all the difference and is actually the proper insurance required to maintain the safety of a forklift truck. Do not let an accident, or a major repair or a non-operational day be the jolt that makes you realize why taking out a maintenance agreement policy would have been a wise investment.


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